Show Reviews

"The talented women of Estrofest get more creative, wackier, and funnier, all the time. Through sketches, gags, videos, audience participation -- and some things they probably haven't thought of yet-- Estrofest gets you laughing (AND gets you thinking). But, mostly, laughing, which is much more fun than thinking!" (Jack Garner, national film critic for Gannet Newspapers)

"Very funny . . . one act you won't soon forget!" (The Toronto Star)
(Rating: Four Stars)

"Don't let the EstroFest name mislead you. I heard the men in the audience laughing even louder than the women!" (Tony Infantino, WARM radio)

"The beautiful women of EstroFest are incredibly talented and have taken the comedy world by storm." (Mike Cidoni, nationally syndicated film critic)

"I loved them. They were very, very funny. They even out-Streep Streep!" (Jack Garner, national film critic for Gannet Newspapers)

"It's fresh, original. . . there's no stopping them!" (Bill Klein, WHAM radio)

"The zany EstroFest is as good as any show on Broadway." (Rochester Magazine)

"If Mel Brooks and Lily Tomlin produced five daughters, they might resemble the members of EstroFest." (David Raymond, City Newspaper)