Ladies of EstroFest


Dresden Engle is thrilled to back on stage with her hilarious EstroFest pals, continuing laughs she experienced during the Rochester Fringe Festival with the world premiere of her original musical The Cougar & the Cabana Boy (co-created with brilliant composter J. Daniel Lauritzson and currently being extended into a full musical to debut next winter). Other credits include fronting a rock band when in her 20s plus performances with Blackfriars, TYKEs, RCT, and Pittsford Musicals as well as movies, TV commercials, and music videos. Dresden owns a public relations firm and teaches PR and social media at area colleges. 


Andrea Holland always finds opportunities to ask random questions, laugh inappropriately and dance badly in public places. As head of Holland Communications, she works as a communications coach, presenter and speaker. She also works as a voice talent for numerous commercials you may have heard, and some online learning courses she hopes you never have to take. Like a gremlin, Andrea shouldn’t get her hair wet and probably shouldn’t be fed after midnight.


You may know Norma Holland as an early-morning news reporter and anchor on 13WHAM TV, but she says her personality is closer to the zany characters you see on stage. Raised in Irondequoit, she learned early on there was no escaping three things: her loud and crazy Puerto Rican family, salsa dancing at family parties, and hitting puberty like a brick wall. Therapy has quieted the voices in her head, orthotics have helped her fallen arches (clap! “no pain!”), and strategic bronzer placement has created the woman you see today. When she’s not finding news or discovering new characters, she can be found at home with her husband and two chihuahuas. 


Allison Roberts is an actress, writer, visual artist, and trainer. Her artwork includes murals, public art, illustrations, paintings, and 3-dimensional pieces. Allison is the founder of EstroFest and she also performs in theater, films, and commercials. In Rochester, her writing has appeared in the Democrat and Chronicle, City Newspaper, and Rochester Magazine. In 2022, she moved to Martha’s Vineyard with her husband Eric and is a Features Writer for the MV Times. The biggest adjustments to Island life are trying to avoid the gangs of feral turkeys who own the island and trying to stay calm while following very slow drivers. Her daughter Story, a social worker in Rochester NY, is the true comedian of the family.


 Freyda Schneider is the artistic director and co-founder of TYKEs (Theatre Young Kids Enjoy), now in its 11th fantastic season. She also works at the JCC and performs in random commercials and videos. She claims that her improv training at The Second City in Toronto prepared her for the past 17 years of work with EstroFest. In reality, Freyda learned many of her improvisational talents in the bathroom of Brighton High School. Freyda can rollerblade while blowing bubbles and has never gotten mad, except once, while driving behind a very slow person wearing a hat.