Missed our 2015 show? No worries! EstroFest will be performing in the

Rochester Fringe Festival, at Geva Theatre, the last two weekends in September!


Click Show Times & Ticket Sales for our performance schedule.


Posted by Rick on
You chicas are CRAZY! I've loved EVERY MINUTE of your shows (going back several years) . . .
. . . except for that one minute back in 2009. That minute creeped me out.
Posted by AMR on
Funny, crazy, hilarious! Can't wait to see what you come up with! I'll be there!
Posted by Mark Roberts on
Great to have you back!
Posted by Eric Cady on
By far the most hilarious, ORIGINAL, witty sketch comedy show there is!
Anyone who is on the fence about buying tickets...get up, get out, and make an evening out of it -you'll be glad you did as you laugh all night.
Posted by Daaaaaave on
So much talent in one place is almost dangerous! Very much looking forward to this year's shows. Wish there were even more dates!
Posted by Jodi on
Estrofreakinfabulous!!! Can't wait!
Posted by YGKey on
I am already cracking up!
Posted by Sarah on
Can't can't can't wait for your new show! We've gone in prior years and laughed til we cried. Johnny Ho Cake...I...I don't even know what to say. Cracks me up! We're delighted that you're back, we're bringing friends!
Posted by Michelle on
OMG. The last few shows I've seen had me laughing histerically.. I wouldn't miss the rest! Your group is so witty and right on cue!! I just love Estro Fest!! Keep up the amazing works!!!! :)
Posted by Megan on
I saw my first EstroFest show more than 10 years ago, and I’ve been a fan ever since! These ladies know how to create zany, memorable characters that will have you laughing out loud. You never know what they will do next!
Posted by Tom on
ESTROFEST is truly one of the cultural highlights of living in RaChaCha. You have added fame to my portfolio and years to my life!
Posted by connie on
Posted by Kathy on
Always a fun night out! We can't wait to see you guys, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh!!!
Posted by Wendy on
Can't wait to go to my first Estrofest event! Ready for some great laughs
Posted by Michael & Mary Lou Pollock on
My wife and I are looking forward to Saturday evening's show. We need to laugh hard and who is better to laugh at (and with) than you guys having fun on stage?
Posted by Kate on
Have been a fan since my first show in 1999. This show is as funny as the first one I attended. So glad that they are back! Best comedy show in Rochester!
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