Popular sketch-comedy troupe EstroFest blends original and hilarious live sketches with outrageous videos. “EstroFest was a blast!” said CITY Newspaper's Frank De Blase about last year’s Fringe show, writing in his review: “I and the sold-out crowd snorted, guffawed, chortled, busted up, cracked up, and laughed our heads off.” EstroFest is Dresden Engle, Andrea Holland, Norma Holland, Allison Roberts, and Freyda Schneider, who produce original and universal material that is often compared to Saturday Night Live (but funnier). 


The KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival celebrated new Fringe records in 2016 with attendance at more than 68,000 visitors in over 25 venues with 500+ performances and events in Rochester! In just five years, Rochester’s Fringe has become one of the most successful fringe festivals in the nation—and one of Rochester’s newest, biggest and most anticipated festivals.The Fringe is a 10-day, all-out, no-holds-barred, multi-disciplinary visual and performing arts festival featuring international, national and local artists. It showcases theater (physical, street, musical), comedy, visual arts, family entertainment, music, dance, spoken word, opera, poetry, literature and experiences that have yet to even be imagined.

Join EstroFest for 60 minutes of hilarity at Geva Theatre!